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Have a great idea but not sure if a full project build is worth the risk? That’s where UX research comes in!


Ensure project relevance
Validate concepts
Gain ROI insights

Research Projects

Website Development
Mobile App Concepts
Brand Strategy

Human Data =
Human results

UX research and testing offers more than just concept validation.  Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, we can surface insights previously unknown.  Saving time, money and ending with an even better final outcome of the finished project.


A collection method that seeks to measure user behavior for statistical comparison and analysis.

Market Research

Deep diving into the data of your competitors, the current market and extracting new angles.


Finding and questioning only users in your targeted range allows for laser focused results.

Usability Tests

A proven way to assess the validity of your concept through moderated in-person goal testing.

The six lenses

Smart UX research starts by identifying a problem and guiding all ideas to solve it. Before starting to solve problems, we should look for the answers to the following:

Persona Put simply, who has the problem?

Problem What exactly is the problem?

Strategy How will we attempt to solve the problem?

Objective What will the solution achieve?

Features What features are required for accomplish the objective?

Solution What will the product look like and how will it function?

This is the way

Investing in UI and UX testing is a good move for any organization that delivers digital products or services. By boosting user satisfaction, decreasing expenses, increasing revenues, gaining a competitive advantage, and acquiring a deeper understanding of consumers, businesses may stand out in today’s digital age. With great UI/UX, users are more likely to return, recommend the product or service to others, and boost income. Don’t miss out on the potential to establish a distinct value proposition and stay ahead of the competition. Ask Trifox how to get started today!

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

Errol Gerson – Design Legend & Professor

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